The Zambia Community Based Natural Resources Management Forum in Collaboration with the Zambia Community Resources Boards Association through support from Oak Foundation played an important role in  Capacity Building of the Community Resources Board, Community Forest Management Groups and other CBOs in addressing some of the weak governance capacities of the VAGs and CRBs and this will be a build-up process in various areas of governance, gender integration, conflict resolution and negotiation skills, lobby and advocacy, nature based enterprise development ,Project Management, Record Keeping, Financial Management and Accountability, Action planning, leadership skills and the roles of Village Action Groups and Community Resources Boards as well as other CBOs. An emphasis was on the Basic understanding on reporting tools that are Open Data Kit and Survey CTO which have been instrumental in collection of information and understanding in depth progress and activities in different landscapes with regards to community based natural resources management also an important aspect is information on the numbers of women participating in Natural Resources Management by understanding the barriers of women to engage in key conservation efforts among others.


Key Outcomes of the trainings were;

  • Development of Village Profiles and CRB for the 5 Community Resources Boards namely Mphuka, Mburuma,  Mwansemphangwe, Zumwanda and Msoro Chiefdoms.
  • Strengthening the ability of communities to be involved in decision-making surrounding action to manage conflicts and increase community voice in activities that are not destructive to the conservation efforts, including use and management of wildlife and to derive equitable benefits from conserving wildlife.
  • Integrating the Indigenous knowledge to conservation and modeling approaches to address governance challenges in the GMA these are build in Nature Based Enterprises.
  • Actioning the implementation plan at VAG level and scaling up the capacity building at GMA level.
  • Development of Conservation Plans and Project Management Plans
  • Increased knowledge and enabling of sharing lessons from peer to peer.
  • To have a basic understanding of the various roles of different community structures in relation to conservation its and importance.
  • To document and develop best knowledge management based on situation analysis of the Landscapes or Regions.
  • Orient and share knowledge on new models on Benefit Sharing Mechanisms and Building community resilience to Climate Change.