Since 2005 we have represented the Various Communities, Civil Society Organizations that are interested in the Promotion of Sustainable livelihoods and Poverty Reduction through Community Based Natural Resources Management.
The Forum believes in Sustainable Development challenges that must come from Bottom up be grounded with context from the community inclusiveness and local owned evidence owned and drive by the indigenous people.
As the Forum we have been pioneers of rural development and good governance by spearheading the stakeholders participatory of governance in natural resources with a bigger voice of the Traditional Leaders.
Restoring natural resources based on sustainable livelihood and Enterprises with environmental management measures which are nature based solutions may build resilience against the negative impacts of Climate change and its devastating effects to the all-natural resources and in turn up lift economies and provide business opportunities to the local people enhancing livelihoods) which are ventures that can be exploited to support biodiversity utilization, conservation and equitable benefit sharing from derived resources ,Ecological sustainable livelihood activities and dual potential of conservation and income generation to the local communities.<br>