CBNRM Forum Members Opportunity to Participate in The Green Expo 2013

Previously Posted on 3/04/2013

Come to the Green Expo 2013 to support the CBNRM Forum and other Zambian eco-products this Friday- Sunday!

The Zambia CBNRM Forum and it’s members will be displaying products which promote conservation at the Green Expo 2013 held this Friday April 5th- Sunday April 7th at the Lusaka Museum.

Our featured members and products will include:

Save Environment and People Agency– with hand bags made of pypulus weeds, hand bags made out beads, pesos made out of weeds, sun hats made out weeds, tables mats made out plastic and grass. sandals made out convey belts, baskets, wooden neck less and tie and die Materials (chitenjes) wall mate made out of sisal and honey

Green Basin– with natural cosmetics

Mumbwa Honey Producers– with locally produced honey

Zambia Forestry College- promoting the new six month professional diploma course in CBNRM

Here is some more information of the Green Expo:

This year’s expo will still present unique opportunities for organisations/individuals that are involved with or would like to publicise their efforts in sustainable practices concentrating on the following areas:

  1. Impact of Climate change and our carbon footprint
  2. Solutions for Energy and water conservation
  3. Recycling
  4. Waste reduction & management
  5. Organic products
  6. Biodiversity and protection of species

The theme of this year’s expo is: Eco-opportunities for Businesses in Zambia

We will also be launching the green directory/ guide for Zambia “The Green Pages” during the expo.