Hon. Annie Kapapula Landu

A natural Scientist by profession, Honorable Annie Kapapula-Landu M.B.E is a communications specialist who, in 2013 was anointed by Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the Most Venerable Order of St John Hospital of Jerusalem in recognition of her outstanding service to the first aid training provider in Zambia. Annie worked tirelessly to provide facilities and equipment to young people across Zambia and spearheaded partnerships to deliver grassroots training in avoiding HIV infection. Annie worked with international partners such as Unicef, Care/Plan international, VSO, Sight Savers, and many more. She’s received multiple awards for her work with young people and her commitment to providing safe screening and testing areas.

She has had in the recent past a rural agriculture project with a threshold of 1$million budget recommended by the European Union as part of an agricultural stimulating Investment analysis driven through ZDA. Annie is currently volunteering as a Technical Adviser to Green Earth Zambia, a local conservation NGO driving the light of Climate Change and its effect on Zambia.

Outside her professional field, Annie is particularly keen on enhancing understanding the world to enable people work together towards peace and justice.