Our Working Groups

The Forum has the following Thematic Working Groups:

  • Policy and Legislation – working on ministerial and government committees and panels to engage in legislation development and influence policy around Natural Resource Management
  • Management Oriented Monitoring Systems (MOMS) – working to support development of MOMs, build communities capacity to monitor and manage their own natural resources and pilot this project in communities across Zambia
  • Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) – establishing guidelines and systems for ensuring the success of Community Based Enterprises and Community Based Organisations across Zambia
  • Community based Enterprise Development combined with CBO Institutional Capacity Building – exploring funding opportunities for pilot projects within communities across Zambia.
  • CBNRM Training – Establishing CBNRM Training courses with Zambia Forestry College and working to ensure a coherence in learning on Natural Resource Management issues.

Thematic Working Groups are intended to ensure a high level of participation by different stakeholders in the design and implementation of activities as well as to address national and local priorities.

To hear more about our working groups or to join any of them please feel free to contact us.