Who we work with

CBNRM Forum is an umbrella organisation for Community Based Organizations (CBOs) or institutions with interest in or supportive of Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) in Zambia providing a platform for CBNRM discourse, debate and development.

CBNRM Forum has a membership of 100 organisations and individuals from Community Based Organisations (CBOs), International and Regional Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs), Faith Based Organisations (FBOs), government agencies and inter-governmental institutions, the private sector, traditional authorities, community representatives, academic and research institutions and individuals. For further information on membership and how to join the Forum please visit our membership page.

Donors and Government
The CBNRM Forum works with a number of insititutional donors and government funded organisations to:  deliver pilot projects across Zambia;  to showcase best practice; to influence policy and to support communities in creating sustainable business, ensuring secure livelihoods for rural communities. Since inception of the forum we have worked with the following organisations to support our work:

UNDP – working to establish a community based enterprise, producing, marketing and selling Baobab fruit juices in Luangwa
DFID  – for establishing a civil society climate change network in Zambia
USAID – funding our Combating wildlife crime project
Government of Zambia – creating a memorandum of understanding with Zambia Forestry College, and working in an advisory role around environmental and Natural Resource Management issues on a number of technical committies
GRZ / World Bank – promoting climate change resilience
Finnish Government – supported through the Civil Society Environment Fund to provide institutional capacity development and showcase our pilot projects
The Scottish Government – funding our Climate Justice Initiative project in Southern province, to empower women and support communities in managing their water resources and increase secure livelihood options
The Tides Foundation – working to support the Community Resources Board in the Western Province: https://www.tides.org/
International Climate Change Initiative (IKI) – operationalizing the landscape approach for biodiversity benefits

The CBNRM Forum is currently working with partners, to share experience and expertise and deliver high quality projects across Zambia, we always welcome interest from our members and new organisations to explore new partnerships and support rural communities within Zambia. Examples of the Forum’s partnerships include:

Oxfam Zambia – in partnership we are working on the Climate Justice Initiative in Namwala and Kazungula districts to build capacity of communities to sustainably manage their water resources, learn about water management and irrigation technologies and ensure that women are engaged in decision making at a community and district level
Zambia Institute of Environmental Management (ZIEM) – funded through the UNDP SGP programme, we are working in the Kasonso Busanga region of Zambia to support communities in exploring opportunities diversifying livelihood activities including Beekeeping and establishing fisheries within the region
The Nature Conservancy (TNC) – in partnership we are working to build the capacity of communities, village scouts and national organisations in Mulobezi, Southern Province, to monitor their natural resources for effective decision making and establishing management systems
Action Aid Zambia – working in the Copperbelt to support communities in understanding their rights with regard to mining developments, additionally building their capacity to advocate and lobby for themselves and support successful engagement at a government level
WWF Zambia – providing institutional support to the Forum to enable ongoing support to community based natural resource management issues across Zambia and ensure engagement with government and relevant ministerial departments is possible.

For more information on any of the above please feel free to contact us.