Association Project Name of Organization Zambia CBNRM Forum Grant Number: TFR16-00134 Project Location; Kafue Ecosystem – Southern, Western, Central and North-Western Provinces of Zambia Contact Person Alimakio Zulu, National Coordinator Award Date Date/Time Stamp: 02/24/2017 01:07 pm Grant Period: 24 months

Overview of ZCBNRM Forum Work;

The Zambia Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) Forum was initially registered with Registrar of societies in 2005; but has since December 2014 been registered with the Ministry of Community Development Mother and Child Development in accordance with the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Act No. 16 of 2009

The Zambia CBNRM Forum’s work is focused on creating secure livelihoods for communities in Zambia through sustainable utilization of natural resources that include; forestry, fisheries, water, agriculture, land and wildlife.

Activities Accomplished;

  • Applying Appreciative Inquiry Tool in the Community Resource Boards of Kaingu, Shimbizhi and Chilyabufu
  • A comprehensive assessment of Initiative to Indigenous Peoples and Community-Conserved Territories and Areas (ICCAs) in the North Western Province
  • Annual General Meeting and one Board meeting held

Description of Activities undertaken under Tikva Support;

The Zambia CBNRM forum with support from Tikva and TNC conducted a governance and viability assessment of 17 CRBs in the Kafue River Basin. A report was produced from which the following issues were raised:

  • Over dependence on the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP) and other projects for Community Resource Boards (CRBs) revenue.
  • Limited strategic visioning targeted at enhancing CRB viability
  • Prohibitive Institutional mechanisms that do not facilitate effective CRB governance

In response to these issues, and after conclusive analysis- the following recommendations were arrived at:

  • Build capacity in strategic visioning and enterprise development planning
  • Increase access to continuous mentorship in CRB governance and Viability aspects
  • Increased bio-cultural awareness and legal empowerment of the communities
  • Capacity Building Assignment for CRB.

The engagement tools included the following:

  • Natural resource mapping exercise
  • Focused Group Discussion
  • Group work and report back
  • Plenary discussions

The main objective of the capacity building activity is to:

Develop manual template for enhancing CRB viability and governance structures needed to guide enterprise development for harnessing their endowed natural resources. This template will then be used as a guide by the WRCRB association members as a guide for enhancing the viability and governance structures needed for Natural

Methodology and Approaches;

The methodology used is a merger of the CARE International “Appreciative Inquiry Tool” for community visioning, “Future Search methodology” and the “FAO Market Analysis and Development Model” combined together for visioning and Community Based Enterprise Development planning. The approach was a participatory interactive engagement with participants to have a community vision and identify suitable Community Based Enterprises (CBEs) for each CRBs’ oversight at landscape scale.

The Zambia CBNRM Forum was established in 2005 and launched by the Former Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources (MTENR) with the aim to reduce poverty through community based management of natural resources.


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