About UsOrganizational Development Project.

The OD project (2020-2024) is aimed at strengthening civil society organizations like the Zambia CBNRM Forum through an organizational approach so that these civil societies can migrate to National offices with a recognizable agenda in order to contribute to the democracy of African societies through an active and impactful civil society landscape. The Zambia CBNRM Forum is implementing this project through three key pillars.



  1. Institutional Capacity Strengthening: To drive change and to promote democratic, transparent and accountable governance systems and practices that are essential to achieving conservation and sustainable development.
  2. Participation and Representation: To enable the Forum to pro-actively influence national/regional legislation and implementation towards conservation and development agendas.
  3. Scaling, Learning & Exchange: To enable local/regional cooperation and exchange formats for mutual learning between the project partners and scaling of project approaches and best practices.